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300 Click for offer_________ When Chelle Neff and her husband, David Neff, traveled from their home in Austin, Tex., to Dallas to visit family over Christmas, they stayed in a one-bedroom loft they rented through Airbnb. On the first morning they were there, Ms. Neff stepped out of the shower and looked for a towel. “I was walking around dripping, looking around the bathroom,” said Ms. Neff, 41, the owner of a hair salon. But the only towel-like object she found was a small bath mat draped over the side of the tub. So she dried off with that. “Thank God for the bath mat,” she said. When Mr. Neff took his shower later, he used the mat, too.

This exhibition has been organized by Anne Umland, senior curator in the museum’s painting and sculpture department, who was also responsible for its 2008 show “Joan Miró: Painting and Anti-Painting, 1927-1937.” There’s a caveat: limiting this effort to MoMA’s admittedly glorious Mirós distorts the singularity of “The Birth of the World” and underserves Miró’s career as a whole. The underlying theme of Klobuchar’s memoir is civility or, in her words, being able to “disagree without being disagreeable.” She traces her upbringing and rise in politics, all the while arguing that strategic alliances are crucial to solving the nation’s problems.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEIn hindsight, it was the start of a beautiful friendship. Now 87, Ms. Passloff, who went on to be a member of the experimental collective Judson Dance Theater, will present a program of new works and one revival, as well as a reconstruction of Mr. Waring’s “Octandre” and Remy Charlip’s “April and December” at the 92nd Street Y on Friday and Sunday. The analysis, by GoodRx, a company that tracks prescription drug prices, looked at how often residents of different neighborhoods filled prescriptions for different categories of drugs.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYSometimes, though, necessity is the mother of invention. La Liga confirmed Thursday that its games would be broadcast on free-to-air television in Britain this season; indeed, it will be the only league regularly available to the vast majority of television viewers in Britain. The governor made the mistake of taking this scenario seriously. He surely knew, even if the Republican lawmaker did not, that in Virginia, when a woman terminates a pregnancy because the fetus has severe abnormalities and can’t survive outside the womb, it falls under the rubric of protecting her mental health. (The law has no separate exception for fetal viability.) He, therefore, described what would actually happen if, during labor, grave fetal health problems were discovered. The infant, he said, would be delivered and kept comfortable while the family decided how to proceed. He was not advocating killing newborns, which is illegal, and would remain so under the proposed change to Virginia’s law.

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But choosing the right clothing subscription box might feel overwhelming. A quick Google search returns dozens of subscriptions to pick from -- many of which you may not've heard of. Though the services ultimately work the same way, each one has its own unique features.  [Like what you’re reading? Sign up here for the Smarter Living newsletter to get stories like this (and much more!) delivered straight to your inbox every Monday morning.]

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Overall, it's a profound change. Recognizing and interpreting human faces is so important to us that whole sections of our brains are devoted to it. As we teach computers those skills, our interactions with them become more convenient -- less like submitting database commands and more like dealing with the natural world in which we evolved. On the flip side, facial recognition can undercut privacy as our anonymity evaporates. “Nixon said that, but he didn’t believe it and he didn’t practice it,” said Michael Beschloss, a presidential historian and author of the recent best seller “Presidents of War.” “He actually spent decades building relationships in Washington, with his party leaders, with Democrats, and around the world. So yes, there were certainly elements of fear in all those relationships, but he knew you needed both the carrot and the stick.

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And then there is the corporate consolidation of the concert business, which has grown especially intense over the last few years as two companies, Live Nation and AEG, compete to book major tours. Live Nation is a partner in the Bethel Woods event. The fire broke out at a busy intersection in Chawkbazar, which is in a part of town often referred to as Old Dhaka. It is full of teeming, serpentine streets so narrow that buses and big trucks cannot use them, another problem on Wednesday night as fire engines struggled to get in.

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But M. would trip over the verdict on “I’ve been married, and I’ve been single.” He’d pause before saying, “Single’s better.” He was embroiled in a contentious divorce, and his ambivalence about romance was a sore spot. But Lobel is careful to make Frog and Toad entirely nonsexual. They sleep apart, and Toad even dons a modest Edwardian bathing suit when he swims. Instead of innate animal passion, they model the elements of love that have to be discovered and cultivated: companionship, compromise, acceptance, good humor. They get into scrapes separately but get out of them together, which is not a bad definition of marriage.

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